Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Gotta Be Clean....

So all three of the girls were born "water babies". They have all always enjoyed taking baths and the pool. But this summer something strange happened. Mollie asked me oneday if she could take a shower the next morning. I told her that would be fine but she would still be required to take a bath that night with her sisters. She did and the next morning she woke up at 7 am ready to shower. I asked why all of a sudden she wanted to start taking showers and she informed me that she was no longer a baby and she wanted to be treated like a big girl and take showers. So I told her that was fine but I wanted to watch her in the shower to make sure she did infact, clean herself and not just sit down and let the water stream on to her. So everything went as I hoped and then she was allowed to sit in the shower and play! She also would only take showers in the morning. She said it was "weird" to shower at night. So I guess kids really do watch "every" little move we make as parents. Well now all of a sudden the twins have developed this love of the shower. They love to get in with me and Clint (he always puts on swim trunks since they are just the right height) and the shower away. Since we brush our teeth while in the shower, the twins now do the same (with a little help from me or Clint of course). Guess it just goes to show the fact that before my very eyes my baby girls are GROWING UP!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Stranger

So life has been so hectic lately that I never knew when I would get a moment to sit down and blog. Summer flew by and we are now going into Fall. The twins are amazing and growing more and more everyday. You know kids are certainly like sponges that are super dry. It is like the world around them is a liquid and more like a sticky liquid and they just absorb everything they see and hear. Our girls certainly know what a dog is and what a dog says. They know who I am, who Clint is and who Mollie is. But the best thing they know already is what "FOOTBALL" is! Who would have guessed that growing up in a house with two football loving parents would make you know what football is and even knowing that baseball is not the same. Now if I could just get them to like the Redskins and not the stupid Cowboys, we would be cooking! I feel like since it has been so long, I have so much to say but I doubt you even want to read all the boring stuff. I will say that I really have made some great friends in this past year of being down here in the country. They are all from the "Twins Club" but hey that makes them cool because they have survived this chaos that I am now living. I just know that God looks at me daily and has a good laugh. He probably says "Danielle, this is just a small payback for all the troubles you gave your parents!" Speaking of the "Man Above", Clint and I have found a fabulous church here. The people are friendly and our kids always get rave reviews after church from the nursery girls. Maybe they are just making us think our kids are good, but who can lie in church? Well since I am playing Fantasy Football and my last two players for this week are playing tonight, I better go and watch! I will be keeping up with this thing again and I will be posting pictures soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Being A Total Copy Cat.....

So Manda has this in her blog and I thought this would be really cool. Noone even reads this right?!?!? So follow these steps!!!!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It’s actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I’ll assume you’re playing the game and I’ll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don’t want to play on your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, I’ll leave my memory of you in my comments.

So that is that!!! Just DO IT!!!!

Well that is all I am typing as we are in Sherevport Louisiana with Clint on his business trip so I am going to enjoy the rest of the evening....Stay tuned for pictures of the trip!!! The ones from the family outing to the Bass Pro Shop is ecspecially funny!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We Have Jugs....

Ha ha ha....Bet you were thinking "WHAT"? Well I opened the refrigerator today and realized we have ALOT of jugs. We have 8 gallons of milk, two jugs of apple juice, a jug of Hawaiian Punch, a pitcher of tea, 3 two liters of soda and a jug of homemade wine. I can't believe we have so many JUGS in there.

Anyways, it has been ages since I took the time to sit down and blog. With Mollie here there is just so much going on and I love it. We have had Bible School, Play dates, trips to the amusement park and so much more. We got a trampoline with the net goes around it and Mollie loves to jump while we spray her with the water hose. Crazy kid. We have also spent alot of time utilizing the in-laws in ground pool that doesn't see much use unless our kids are over! They live close enough that sometimes Mollie and I cut out mid day and pack a lunch and head over. No one bothers us and we have a grand old time.

The twins are growing everyday. The both are expert walkers and they also have discovered that they LOVE the pool. They love to "jump" off the side and blow bubbles by putting their face in the water. They can say MaMa, DaDa, Baby, Sissie, Sasha (one of our dogs), Bye Bye, Ba Ba and NO. It is amazing how much they are changing right before our very eyes. They certainly keep us busy but everyday is a new adventure.

I have become very active in our twins club here and I am spearheading the Consignment Sale this year. Our first sale is in September and we are finally going with an electronic bar code system. Very exciting for the club and very nerve racking for me! Wish me luck, I am off to do more updating to the seller agreements!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Proud...

Haven't had much time to post but check this out...I am a proud sister!!! My baby brother is doing a great thing!!!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Packed and Ready.....

Well in 24 hours hopefully I will be at my hotel in Nashville gearing up for the last leg of the trip. I am going to try and leave a little earlier than I planned and that way I will get to the hotel before mid-night and if the girls and I get there in enough time, we are going to grab dinner and maybe take advantage of the hotel pool!!!! Who knew that the girls would require 3 full size suitcases and 2 duffel bags just for their stuff?!?!?! Clint said there is no way they needed all the stuff I packed but my thinking is that I can never be sure!!! I have no idea what to expect as far a weather so we are bringing a little bit of everything. I just need to remember the small stuff like my sunglasses and cell phone charger!!!

Mollie is doing a "Flat Stanley" project so I have been working hard to get that completed in time to bring back with me....I did get an autographed picture of the Governor for her class. I actually witnessed him signing it so I know it is "authentic". Her class is studying all the different states and facts from where their "Flat Stanley's" went. So I figured no other kid's Flat Stanley would have an autographed picture of the Governor!! I asked Mollie if she knew what a Governor was and she said "Yes, It is like the president of your state!!!" So I guess that satisfies my wondering if that would be something neat for her class.

Well it is off to finish the last load of laundry for two weeks and make sure my hubby can survive with all this piece and quiet and then beddy bye for me!!! See all my Virginia readers in a few days!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thankful......(Kind of sad post-Warning)

I haven't had the energy or the time to blog lately and there have been some things that I have wanted to get off my chest. I met a girl named Keisha a few months back. Her mom is one of the twins favorite daycare providers and I must say she is a "grandmother" to them while at daycare. Well Keisha and I met because she had found out she was having twin girls. She was nervous and scared and we would just talk about everything. She was buying up alot of my twin stuff and invited me to her baby shower a few weeks ago. I went and had a great time. Keisha and I talked several times a week. She was having a wonderful pregnancy and she had just gotten the "official" date of June 4th for her C-Section. Her girls were tagged as being identical and I must say I was super excited that we had become such close friends. Well Keisha went to the doctor on Wednesday the 21st for her "routine" appointment and they could only detect one heart beat. They immediately rushed her to the hospital which was next door and her C-Section was done. One of her babies did not make it. A cord mishap is what they said. The "surviving" twin is in NICU but doing very well. Anyway Keisha has been on my heart and mind alot in the last couple of days. She even called me Friday morning to talk. I was kind of at a loss for words. What was the "right" thing to say? Do I offer Congratulations or Sympathy or both? We talked for over an hour and we cried, we laughed, we prayed. I told her I wasn't sure what I wanted to say to her. I told her she was always going to be a mom of twins and noone could take that away from her. And now I worried. I am worried about being around her with my girls. I don't want it to be sad but I understand if it is.

So my post is titled "Thankful" and this is why.....
I am thankful for so much in my life when I think that the world is crumbling down around me. I am thankful for a husband who loves me and has a wonderful job and works everyday somedays on little sleep for his family. He is a wonderful cook and housekeeper on days when I lack in those departments. He is a great father and wonderful supporter. He is the best when it comes to "saving" me from the bugs and snakes that we get out here in the country!!!
I am thankful for the three wonderful healthy girls that God has blessed me with. I am doubly blessed with the twins and that their entrance into this world was so uneventful when it could have been something totally different. The girls bring us so much joy and happiness. I can even be thankful right now as the sistuation with Mollie is not what I would want or think it should be.
I am thankful for my family who even though we are now miles apart, is supportive and love us and never let us down. There is not enough I can say about my family.
Friends, Military Members, and last but not least GOD. I am thankful and love you all.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Visit to the Capitol....

Flat Josh and I went to the Arkansas State Capitol to visit today. I have been there a million times as I used to work there but today was "Flat Josh's" day. Here are some of the highlights of our day!

Us on the steps of the Capitol

Flat Josh with the State Seal inside the Capitol

Flat Josh with the Governor's Secretary and pictures of the Governor and First Lady!

(He will be meeting Governor Beebe soon!!! Stay tuned for pictures of that)

Flat Josh got put into the State Vault where they keep all of our hard earned dollars that they collect for taxes!!

Flat Josh visits the State Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court!

Flat Josh with a few of Arkansas's Finest!!!

And here are other random pics of the day!! If you want to know what something is, just ask!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We wear our sunglasses at night.....

And when ever else the twins decide. I found these really cute glasses at Wal-Mart. They have a velcro strap so that they stay on their heads.....

We don't have much to report from our camp!!! Katelyn has started taking more steps. She can make it from the couch to the coffee table and then back. She doesn't even realize what she is doing and once she does, she sits down. Peyton has turned into our little eater. She loves most anything these days. Only 15 more days until I leave on my trip to Virginia! I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Call Me Martha.....

Stewart, that is.....Well before the jail time!!!! We have been doing some "major" yard work at the Small House. We made new flower beds and dug up old ones. Here are some pictures of the beds, not all of them are complete.

We Love Bubbles......

And lots of them......

The twins love the bath tub....They would play until the water was ice cold if we let them. What we have to do is drain the tub to even get them out without having a "major" meltdown. They splash and play and splash some more. It is super cute. They love to "share" toys with each other when they are in the tub. It is a fun time at our house when they get in the tub. Let's hope they like the pool as much as they like the tub.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Flat Josh" Sleeps....

In a baby doll play pen that Mollie got for Christmas from Santa. He has not done anything cool or exciting yet as we have not really done anything to exciting. We have started our landscaping outside and it is looking really good. This weekend Clint's old roommate for Fredericksburg is coming into town for a class and she is going to spend the weekend with us! I am super excited to see her.

I had a yard sale on Saturday and it went super good but I think I could still have a yard sale every weekend for the next 10 weekends and still have things to sell.

Well that is all in my boring life. I am off to watch NCIS with the hubby and the one kid that is still awake!! Guess who it is?!?!?! The "A" twin!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet "Flat Josh"

So Josh's Commander's Wife (her name is Tracy and I hope that is the correct term for what she is!!!) is working on a project type of thing for Josh's Battalion. It is similar to the "Flat Stanley" project. If you don't know what Flat Stanley is, you can read about it here . So anyways, I have had a "Flat Josh" made so he can do things with us this summer and see them all when he comes home. I am going to track his outings on my blog because we are only to send in two pictures before the guys get home from Iraq. So I know it will be hard to pick just two. Today my "Flat Josh" was finished and he turned out great. He is mounted on hard foam board and he is two feet tall. I am determined to have a good time with this and really have something great to show my brother when he gets home. So I am introducing my "Flat Josh"!!!!

And the twins meeting their uncle in the "flat form" for the first time!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They Have Started......

NO, I don't mean like that either!!! I am talking about walking and both babies do it....It isn't a full walk, but just a few steps here and there but they are starting to figure it out. Katelyn doesn't bend her knees so she is like a little old lady.......They girls went for their one year check on Monday. Peyton weighed 22 pounds and Katelyn weighed 25 pounds. I think those are the right weights!! They had about 7 shots each and blood work taken. Peyton never made a sound during all of that. The doctor asked if she ever cried when she got shots before and I told her yes. She also asked if Peyton had ever got hurt at home and cried. I of course told her yes, that she had bumped her head and she cried. She said that she was only asking those things to determine if she felt pain. I was relieved. Katelyn of course cried as soon as the nurse put her on the table. I told them that Katelyn was making up for the crying Peyton did not do!!

I am having a yard sale this weekend. It might actually be a pretty big one. I have tons of baby stuff to sell and the girls from my old job have boys and they are all bringing their stuff over and the neighbor is bringing a bunch of stuff so this might be a big sale. I am pretty excited. Speaking of yard sales, I have been voted to be the "Garage Sale Chairperson" for my twins club. Hope I can get my act together in time for the fall sale come October!

My new job is going well. I sit at home with nothing on but the radio and sometimes don't take a shower until right before I go pick the twins up from daycare. It's nice.

Yeah Manda, I am so excited you get to go with Jason on his trip. I went with Clint several years ago (it is actually in Carlsbad, home of Lego Land) and we had a blast. Please visit Islands (it is a hamburger place but so well worth it) and King's. It is a seafood kind of a classy place but very good. Clint is actually going on a business trip in July to Louisiana and the girls and I are going to go and sight see while he works. We are also planning several other trips this summer. One will be to Six Flags Over Texas, one is to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri and then we are getting season passes to Magic Springs which is our version of King's Dominion. I can't wait.

I will be in the 'Burg in a month. Start planning a get together or a place for lunch or something....I have to see you!! (I am talking to anyone who wants to see us!!!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wooooooo Pig Sooie...............

Clint has waited 33 years to go to Razorback Reynolds Stadium in Fayetteville Arkansas.....That is home to the University of Arkansas......The twins only had to wait a year!!! We went to the Spring "Red/White Game" yesterday and had a great time. We got there a little later than we expected but still got great seats and the look on Clint's face when he walked into the stadium was priceless....Here are a few pics of the day (plus a few from the new wagon the girls got with their birthday gift cards, Thanks Aunt Cindy!!!!!!!!)

By the way, thanks to all my friends that do still read and told me they did!!! I am working on updating more often so keep checking...I would post more right now but I have some "little hands" trying to help me type!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am so very bored.....I could be doing a million things around here but instead I sit at the computer where I have been all day typing a boring post that no one will probably read!!! Clint is behind me in the living room watching something sports related and I guess I could join him or go to the bedroom and watch one of my fifteen thousand NCIS shows I have recorded on TiVo but here I sit. I could be folding one of the ten piles of laundry that we have to fold, but here I sit. I could be washing the sink full of dishes that magically appeared sometime tonight but here I sit. So sit I will. I will sit and continue to surf the net and read all the celebrity gossip and smut I can find. I will venture over to CNN to check out the latest happenings in the world to make sure I stay abreast of the latest happenings and I will continue to sit. I would love to really have something interesting to say but I don't. I have some sad news....My brother's friend and fellow Marine got killed by a suicide bomber on Tuesday and my brother had to help load his body into the helicopter. I feel like my brother (even though he is an adult) has lost of of his "baby boy" innocence. I know that he does things that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave but he is still my baby brother.

I would also like to make a request.....I put this really cool thing on the side of my blog that is supposed to tell me where people are that look at my blog and there are a ton of people that must look at this thing. I got the idea from Lisa's Blog (so thanks Lisa) and so for anyone that reads this, I would like a little comment about how you found my blog!!! OK I guess it is time for me to get of my big ole' butt and do something!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going to the River Market.....

So yesterday the weather was "to die for" and Clint had gone fishing. So I decided to load up the kids and head down to the "River Market" and wonder around. The River Market sits on the Arkansas River (I think) and reminds me of Old Town Fredericksburg with the Farmer's Market included. Clint's step sister (I say sister because it is all the same) and her husband, Kim and Eric, own a coffee shop down there right next to the library. So the twins and I went and paid her a visit and went walking. The twins liked the Horse and Carriage and we were going to ride until the lady told us it was $25.00. So we admired from the sidewalk. We also heard some good old karaoke. Here are the highlights from our day.

This weekend coming up is the "Red and White Game" in Fayetteville. It is a football game played by the Razorbacks against the Razorbacks (I guess they play each other!!) So we will be going to that and I am actually excited. They have a carnival and all kinds of stuff so stay tuned for pictures!!!