Saturday, December 22, 2007

My New Home......

No Clint and I didn't move again, I am at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Why you may ask. Well let's see, NO I am not working here!!! Katelyn has been admitted with RSV. We came in thru the emergency room last night at about 730 pm. Once they triaged her and realized her O2 level was 44 they got us a room. So last night we had chest x-rays, breathing treatments, oxygen tubes, and alot of scary moments, Katelyn finally got her room upstairs. That was at 330 this morning. I am exhausted. Clint is at home with Peyton and will be up in a bit to relieve me so I can shower and eat. Please pray for Katelyn and a speedy recovery. I will update later.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Splish Splash....

So the other night while I was giving the twins their baths, I realized I did not have the ceremonial pictures of them in the tub. I called out to Clint to get me the camera and captured a few great shots.

Yesterday was Clint's 33rd Birthday! He is such an old man!!! We didn't really do much just had dinner over at his parent's house which was nice.

Peyton has learned to "crawl". Her crawl is more of an inch worm. She gets her knees up as tight as she can to her chest then launches herself forward with her hands. It is actually kind of comical. Katelyn has finally cut her first tooth. This is a bottom one and if she is anything like Peyton the other bottom one will be along soon. Peyton has 4 teeth. Two top, two bottom. Katelyn is mastering "Da Da" and "Ma Ma" and can yell those out very well.

I will be in Fredericksburg from the 7th of January until the 12th of January. Hope I am giving my friends enough notice so that we can meet up!!!!

Here are some more pics to enjoy!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Growing, we do it everyday!!!

So the twins went to Arkansas Children's Hospital today for a check up. Great facility I must say. They have a Ronald McDonald house across the street and we stopped to donate some items that they have listed on their wish list in honor of Manda, Jason and Ada and in memory of Aleah and then off to the doctor. They gave the twinies little hospital gowns to put on and then they got their checkups. Peyton weighed 16 pounds 9 ounces and Katelyn (my little "Chunk Chunk) weighed 17 pounds 9 ounces. Both girls were 2 feet 2 inches tall! HA HA While there they got their flu shots (or the first round) and then we sat and talked with the new pediatrician. She is very nice. Kind of young and very pretty so I must remember not to bring Clint because he would be thinking of reasons to go back all the time!!!

We finally got our Christmas tree up and our house as decorated as it is going to be I guess. We have NO presents under the tree yet (Oh we have two, one for each girl from my parents) I am a big procrastinator this year. But we are getting there. This Saturday, the girls will meet Santa for the first time. Then we are venturing to find cute stockings so that we can make the girl's their First Christmas Stockings complete with their hand prints and names. I am very excited because this was my super creative idea! HA HA

Last Saturday the twins and I came to watch them light the lights at our capital building. The night was complete with a visit from Santa and fireworks. I am not quite sure how fireworks and Christmas fall in together but I am sure they must if these people from Arkansas do it! So the state photographer captured with a photo plus I got some better ones on my camera at home.HA HA

The custody thing is OK at the moment. Mollie will be coming to visit December 30th thru the 6th of January then we are back in court on the 11th. I am trying to convince her dad that she should stay for that week but he "has decided yet". I never thought I would have to ask when my own child could come visit. IT SUCKS!!!!

Glad you people in Virginia got snow! Lucky!! We won't get the "wintery mix" until January but bring it on! A paid day off for me is a good day!