Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Gotta Be Clean....

So all three of the girls were born "water babies". They have all always enjoyed taking baths and the pool. But this summer something strange happened. Mollie asked me oneday if she could take a shower the next morning. I told her that would be fine but she would still be required to take a bath that night with her sisters. She did and the next morning she woke up at 7 am ready to shower. I asked why all of a sudden she wanted to start taking showers and she informed me that she was no longer a baby and she wanted to be treated like a big girl and take showers. So I told her that was fine but I wanted to watch her in the shower to make sure she did infact, clean herself and not just sit down and let the water stream on to her. So everything went as I hoped and then she was allowed to sit in the shower and play! She also would only take showers in the morning. She said it was "weird" to shower at night. So I guess kids really do watch "every" little move we make as parents. Well now all of a sudden the twins have developed this love of the shower. They love to get in with me and Clint (he always puts on swim trunks since they are just the right height) and the shower away. Since we brush our teeth while in the shower, the twins now do the same (with a little help from me or Clint of course). Guess it just goes to show the fact that before my very eyes my baby girls are GROWING UP!!!!

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