Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Stranger

So life has been so hectic lately that I never knew when I would get a moment to sit down and blog. Summer flew by and we are now going into Fall. The twins are amazing and growing more and more everyday. You know kids are certainly like sponges that are super dry. It is like the world around them is a liquid and more like a sticky liquid and they just absorb everything they see and hear. Our girls certainly know what a dog is and what a dog says. They know who I am, who Clint is and who Mollie is. But the best thing they know already is what "FOOTBALL" is! Who would have guessed that growing up in a house with two football loving parents would make you know what football is and even knowing that baseball is not the same. Now if I could just get them to like the Redskins and not the stupid Cowboys, we would be cooking! I feel like since it has been so long, I have so much to say but I doubt you even want to read all the boring stuff. I will say that I really have made some great friends in this past year of being down here in the country. They are all from the "Twins Club" but hey that makes them cool because they have survived this chaos that I am now living. I just know that God looks at me daily and has a good laugh. He probably says "Danielle, this is just a small payback for all the troubles you gave your parents!" Speaking of the "Man Above", Clint and I have found a fabulous church here. The people are friendly and our kids always get rave reviews after church from the nursery girls. Maybe they are just making us think our kids are good, but who can lie in church? Well since I am playing Fantasy Football and my last two players for this week are playing tonight, I better go and watch! I will be keeping up with this thing again and I will be posting pictures soon!

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