Thursday, September 20, 2007

There's Always A Problem

So we move (or start out on the trip to move) early Saturday morning. You would think everything would be a go right? NOPE....As most of you may know, Mollie is not Clint's biological daughter even though she should be. Her father lives in Stafford and for the past year and a half has been a part of her life but not prior to that. So he decides, after months and months of talking to him and Clint and I inviting him over to work out a new "custody plan" to take to the judge, that on Tuesday (of this week) he needs an emergency hearing in front of the judge. He claims he just found out we were leaving and now is taking me to court on Friday (yeah that's tomorrow) in front of the judge and asking the judge to give him custody of Mollie. I am devastated. Right now he gets her every other weekend. What in the world is he doing this for? He lives at home with his momma, has no bills, and leaves Mollie with his mom to watch so he can party and drink and do whatever a single 29 year old does. I am sad, nervous, pissed off and confused. Why wait until the last possible day and claim you just found out? I mean back at Meet the Teacher night, Mollie's teacher told me how she had just talked to Mollie's dad and he told her that we might be moving. When the heck was back to school night? I need to research. All I know is that on Saturday morning I better have my oldest daughter in my car because the train to Little Rock is leaving.

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's About That Time.....

For me to have to say good bye to all my friends here in Da 'Burg and move to the Country!!!! Instead of the girls and I leaving in mid October, we will now be leaving next Saturday. That's right, a week from tomorrow. It is real to me now. Before I was just like "Yeah OK that sounds good." Oh well...It is exciting. I am going to miss my friends here but just know that when ever you want to come to the country we now will have a Guest Room! YEAH!! I also have discovered that I must re-learn the correct way to talk. For example: ACORN (You know falls off trees and squirrels eat them) is pronounce ACERN. A Minnow (you know bait used for fishing) is pronounced Minna. And a major street in Little Rock called Cantrell is pronounced Cantrul. I am going to have to work on these words and the many others that I have already received "HUHs" for!

Mollie thinks the only things to do in Little Rock are swim and PawPaw's pool and cheer for the Razorbacks. I can't say that I can think of much else to do from looking at different websites. But I do know there is a Wal-Mart at every corner. Sam's Clubs are also scattered in there to. Not quite sure if we will get our groceries at the Wal-Mart or the local Piggly Wiggly but I am sure they both will do just fine.

So I guess for anyone that still reads, if you want my new address just drop me a line. I don't want to make that stuff all public because you know those creepy people that troll just to get some personal info might show up in our new one horse town and kidnap me! I am sure they would realize before even leaving the driveway that I wasn't a good victim but still the whole 5 mins. before would suck.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tis True....

We are moving...Clint is making it official at his company today. The girls and I will be staying in Fredericksburg for about 3 more weeks after he leaves. He will be leaving on the 21st or 22nd. Then he will fly back and we will pack the moving truck and take off. That sound be around the 13th or 14th of October. It is certainly a bitter sweet feeling. We have so much to do. We are going to where the living is cheaper and we will finally be able to BUY A HOUSE!!! YEAH!!! The family and the friends here can never be replaced. I will just add to my friends! I will have to come back to Fredericksburg often as Mollie's dad lives here and my family will need to see the girls as much as possible. The move is so exciting but also scary. I am nervous and hope things go off with out a hitch! I am sure there is going to be something that happens but I pray nothing major. So I am going to close but I am going to try and have a "Good Bye See Ya Later Adios Party" before we leave....Anyone interested?