Thursday, May 29, 2008

Packed and Ready.....

Well in 24 hours hopefully I will be at my hotel in Nashville gearing up for the last leg of the trip. I am going to try and leave a little earlier than I planned and that way I will get to the hotel before mid-night and if the girls and I get there in enough time, we are going to grab dinner and maybe take advantage of the hotel pool!!!! Who knew that the girls would require 3 full size suitcases and 2 duffel bags just for their stuff?!?!?! Clint said there is no way they needed all the stuff I packed but my thinking is that I can never be sure!!! I have no idea what to expect as far a weather so we are bringing a little bit of everything. I just need to remember the small stuff like my sunglasses and cell phone charger!!!

Mollie is doing a "Flat Stanley" project so I have been working hard to get that completed in time to bring back with me....I did get an autographed picture of the Governor for her class. I actually witnessed him signing it so I know it is "authentic". Her class is studying all the different states and facts from where their "Flat Stanley's" went. So I figured no other kid's Flat Stanley would have an autographed picture of the Governor!! I asked Mollie if she knew what a Governor was and she said "Yes, It is like the president of your state!!!" So I guess that satisfies my wondering if that would be something neat for her class.

Well it is off to finish the last load of laundry for two weeks and make sure my hubby can survive with all this piece and quiet and then beddy bye for me!!! See all my Virginia readers in a few days!!!!

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Rachel said...

I know what you mean about packing lots for the kids. We went to Ct last month and my husband said "this isn't a vacation, it's a deployment!" With all the stuff we packed, we still ended up buying socks and wipes when we got there!