Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They Have Started......

NO, I don't mean like that either!!! I am talking about walking and both babies do it....It isn't a full walk, but just a few steps here and there but they are starting to figure it out. Katelyn doesn't bend her knees so she is like a little old lady.......They girls went for their one year check on Monday. Peyton weighed 22 pounds and Katelyn weighed 25 pounds. I think those are the right weights!! They had about 7 shots each and blood work taken. Peyton never made a sound during all of that. The doctor asked if she ever cried when she got shots before and I told her yes. She also asked if Peyton had ever got hurt at home and cried. I of course told her yes, that she had bumped her head and she cried. She said that she was only asking those things to determine if she felt pain. I was relieved. Katelyn of course cried as soon as the nurse put her on the table. I told them that Katelyn was making up for the crying Peyton did not do!!

I am having a yard sale this weekend. It might actually be a pretty big one. I have tons of baby stuff to sell and the girls from my old job have boys and they are all bringing their stuff over and the neighbor is bringing a bunch of stuff so this might be a big sale. I am pretty excited. Speaking of yard sales, I have been voted to be the "Garage Sale Chairperson" for my twins club. Hope I can get my act together in time for the fall sale come October!

My new job is going well. I sit at home with nothing on but the radio and sometimes don't take a shower until right before I go pick the twins up from daycare. It's nice.

Yeah Manda, I am so excited you get to go with Jason on his trip. I went with Clint several years ago (it is actually in Carlsbad, home of Lego Land) and we had a blast. Please visit Islands (it is a hamburger place but so well worth it) and King's. It is a seafood kind of a classy place but very good. Clint is actually going on a business trip in July to Louisiana and the girls and I are going to go and sight see while he works. We are also planning several other trips this summer. One will be to Six Flags Over Texas, one is to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri and then we are getting season passes to Magic Springs which is our version of King's Dominion. I can't wait.

I will be in the 'Burg in a month. Start planning a get together or a place for lunch or something....I have to see you!! (I am talking to anyone who wants to see us!!!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wooooooo Pig Sooie...............

Clint has waited 33 years to go to Razorback Reynolds Stadium in Fayetteville Arkansas.....That is home to the University of Arkansas......The twins only had to wait a year!!! We went to the Spring "Red/White Game" yesterday and had a great time. We got there a little later than we expected but still got great seats and the look on Clint's face when he walked into the stadium was priceless....Here are a few pics of the day (plus a few from the new wagon the girls got with their birthday gift cards, Thanks Aunt Cindy!!!!!!!!)

By the way, thanks to all my friends that do still read and told me they did!!! I am working on updating more often so keep checking...I would post more right now but I have some "little hands" trying to help me type!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am so very bored.....I could be doing a million things around here but instead I sit at the computer where I have been all day typing a boring post that no one will probably read!!! Clint is behind me in the living room watching something sports related and I guess I could join him or go to the bedroom and watch one of my fifteen thousand NCIS shows I have recorded on TiVo but here I sit. I could be folding one of the ten piles of laundry that we have to fold, but here I sit. I could be washing the sink full of dishes that magically appeared sometime tonight but here I sit. So sit I will. I will sit and continue to surf the net and read all the celebrity gossip and smut I can find. I will venture over to CNN to check out the latest happenings in the world to make sure I stay abreast of the latest happenings and I will continue to sit. I would love to really have something interesting to say but I don't. I have some sad news....My brother's friend and fellow Marine got killed by a suicide bomber on Tuesday and my brother had to help load his body into the helicopter. I feel like my brother (even though he is an adult) has lost of of his "baby boy" innocence. I know that he does things that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave but he is still my baby brother.

I would also like to make a request.....I put this really cool thing on the side of my blog that is supposed to tell me where people are that look at my blog and there are a ton of people that must look at this thing. I got the idea from Lisa's Blog (so thanks Lisa) and so for anyone that reads this, I would like a little comment about how you found my blog!!! OK I guess it is time for me to get of my big ole' butt and do something!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going to the River Market.....

So yesterday the weather was "to die for" and Clint had gone fishing. So I decided to load up the kids and head down to the "River Market" and wonder around. The River Market sits on the Arkansas River (I think) and reminds me of Old Town Fredericksburg with the Farmer's Market included. Clint's step sister (I say sister because it is all the same) and her husband, Kim and Eric, own a coffee shop down there right next to the library. So the twins and I went and paid her a visit and went walking. The twins liked the Horse and Carriage and we were going to ride until the lady told us it was $25.00. So we admired from the sidewalk. We also heard some good old karaoke. Here are the highlights from our day.

This weekend coming up is the "Red and White Game" in Fayetteville. It is a football game played by the Razorbacks against the Razorbacks (I guess they play each other!!) So we will be going to that and I am actually excited. They have a carnival and all kinds of stuff so stay tuned for pictures!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day....

Our taxes have been done and filed and we have already received our refund, but I had to go to the Post Office to meet another twins club mom to drop off some stuff and boy was that place crazy. There were TV camera crews there and everything. I wonder why they choose today. Why not film the people that file early? Who knows but I am sure the Post Office employees will be glad to get home today!

The twins are growing so fast. Any day they will start walking. Katelyn can walk behind anything that she can push. Peyton has no interest in doing that but she likes to climb. They love when we spread a blanket out on the floor and Clint and I get down there with them and "wrestle" with them. They laugh and squeal in delight. That is like music to my ears. Oh and in other happy news, I have two babies that sleep thru the night. We have decided not to put them to bed at 7:30 like we were. Now what we do is this: At 5:30 or 6:00 the twins become really cranky (hence why their bed time was so early) so after they eat dinner (and yes they are eating "real" food) they get a sippy cup (yes we are taking away the bottle, very slowly) and they go into their beds. They usually fall asleep until about 7:30 then they wake up and we come into the living room and play and play and play. Bath time depends on how messy they are from dinner but sometimes a bath can be inserted here. Then at about 8:45 we take them back to their rooms with a bottle and they go right down. Then they wake up at 6:00 a.m. This has been going on for almost a week now and I am so excited.

Our weather is getting warm and I can not wait. The twins and Mollie have so awesome summer clothes that I can't wait to put them in. I will be in Virginia the last week of May so if any of my friends still read this please get in touch with me because we have 3 whole weeks to plan. (I will be in Virginia that long).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I found this box....

So I found this box and it had something really cool in it.....

So I climbed up in the box to get out the treasure I found.....

But my mommy caught me and I had to get out of the box empty handed.....



Monday, April 7, 2008

One Year Later.....

My where does the time go. My babies turned ONE yesterday! Our birthday celebration was spread over the last two weekends. With Mollie and Mom being here for one and then Clint's mom and other relatives being here for the other. So here is a very quick recap of all the parties and a look back!!!! Enjoy!!!

Katelyn Elizabeth (Twin B)


Peyton Nicole (Twin A)


Party Time

**Disclaimer** Something crazy was going on while I was trying to update this so keep your fingers crossed that this worked.