Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to the daily Bump & Grind!!!

And no I am not talking about how babies are made! I am talking about work. I was supposed to start today but IBM was dragging their feet on paperwork so I will be going back tomorrow. Am I ready? How much am I going to miss the kids? A BUNCH!!! Is my cousin, a mother of four with number 5 on the way, who teaches school for a living going to be able to handle my three girls? Will I only make it a month before I realize that at home with my girls is where I need to be? So many questions with very few answers at this time!

OK so in other news, Clint is considering jobs in other places. And no I don't mean still in Virginia. He is really looking into Little Rock. He wants to be back home. He wants the cheaper costs of everything and the no traffic. I am scared and excited. I am nervous and ready. I am happy and sad. Does that make sense? Can I be so conflicted in my feelings. I mean after the week we spent down there, I could see myself living in a small town. But how can I leave the place that I was born and raised (all except from the ages of 17-18 when I was in San Diego and Michigan) and a town in which I know all the short cuts to get me where I need to go without traffic. How can I leave family and friends?

Monday, July 16, 2007

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Yes back to the daily bump and grind. Vacation for us is over. What a great time we had. The weather was OK (it rained nearly everyday) but the storms were short and well needed! The week was full of swimming, fishing, bowling, sun tanning or sun burning (you pick), talking, picking veggies and fruits from the garden, eating yummy food, relaxing, fellowship and good times. The 16 hour drive to Little Rock was done mostly by Clint even though I drove over 200 miles from Bristol, TN to Nashville, TN from about 12 midnight to almost 3 in the morning. We arrived in Little Rock at 9 in the morning on Tuesday! It was so nice to meet my father-in-law, step-mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew! Oh and the 5 dogs scattered between my inlaws! I have pictures but they aren't uploaded because I am lazy and the camera is in 1 of the 25 bags! My new focus is Vacation Bible School. Then a week from today it will be back to work for me. I am nervous and excited. Kind of the feeling I remember on the first day of school. I am vowing to update my blog more. I know it seemed as though I dropped off the face of the planet but I am here and going strong!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July (on the 3rd)

So I haven't updated in a while. It has been from lack of time. I have been BUSY. Well that and suffering from migranes! But I am better now. Let me officially announce my news. No I am not pregnant! I am returning to work. The feeling is bitter sweet but IBM has a project going on that they want me to work on and the are offering more (and when I say more, I mean MORE) money. I guess that is the only reason I am going. I am going to miss the girls but my mom is going to keep them so that will make me feel better and she could really use the money. So that is it. Back to work I go. Wish me luck. Oh and have a great holiday!